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Monday, April 20, 2015

Incorrect displaying of user's Full Name when you use default settings in IBM BPM 8.5.6

When you use IBM BPM 8.5.6 you can observe some incorrect situation:
Full Name of some internal user (created through IBM BPM not from LDAP repository) is displayed incorrectly. In Process Portal you can see login name (uid) instead Full Name.

The root of this problem:

The parameter Full Name (which used by BPM) is stored in BPMDB in LSW_USR_XREF table. During synchronization with default 8.5.6 settings this parameter is taking the value of Display Name user attribute. But internal users have not this attribute. There is not the attribute Full Name or displayName in WAS file-based repository and BPM Full Name is stored in cn attribute.
By default 8.5.6 (and previous versions) uses Display Name attribute for Full Name. And it worked before. But now it does not work.

This way all of internal users get Full Name parameter equals their uid (FULL_NAME=USER_NAME in LSW_USR_XREF).

For example, you create some internal user John Smith with uid jsmith and Full Name John Smith. alt text
But in fact you get the user with user name jsmith and full name jsmith too.
alt text
The workaround of this issue:
  • Look for the file wimconfig.xml in Dmgr profile.
  • Change the string 

    <config:userDisplayNameMapping propertyForInput="displayName"propertyForOutput="displayName"/>  
    <config:userDisplayNameMapping propertyForInput="cn" propertyForOutput="cn"/>
  • Stop your environment include DM and NAgents and then start everything.
  • After start make the users sync using Process Admin console
alt text

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