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Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to install a stand-alone installation in IBM BPM 8.5/8.5.5 (Part 2)

I have already forgotten about this subject but I needed to install UTE for BPM 8.5.5
The standard installation Integration Designer was not suitable for me because it uses DB2.
I need Oracle.

Friday, October 24, 2014

IBM BPM 8.5.5. It's impossible to create users using ProcessAdmin console (Part 1)

You attempt to create user using ProcessAdmin console in 8.5.5.
You enter correct name and password but nothing.

2014. Moscow goes back to winter

Not having found a more smart targets, we decided to return the Winter Time. So in the night of 25/26.10 Moscow will set time upon hour ago.

It is very joyful news for any Russian sysadmins which always waiting for a possibility to work in the weekends. It is the sarcasm.

My quick way for WAS admins and others.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

WebSphere Application Server password decoder (decryptor). Total recall.

I have already written about decoding WAS passwords here:

Now,  you need not remember the big commands. On any page of my blog you can decrypt your password.
Just enter it into the field and press the button "Decode". Save your time!

It's impossible to open Administration Console for Content Platform Engine in IBM BPM 8.5.5

If you use the username not-a-DEadmin in IBM BPM 8.5.5 - you cannot open Administration Console for Content Platform Engine. The URL is https://<hostname>:<port>/acce.
You get the message in your browser:

Error Page Exception
SRVE0260E: The server cannot use the error page specified for your application to handle the Original Exception printed below.

Original Exception:
Error Message: AuthorizationFailed
Error Code: 403

Thursday, October 2, 2014

IBM System Dashboard for ECM. Average Response Time - what's this?

Last two weeks I have to recall a programming because we need to monitor some production FileNet environment. I write some reporting system what use an information from IBM System Dashboard for ECM. I think, it is rather useful utility and can be a solid basis of some simple monitoring system.

Unfortunately, I had to explore algorithms of counting of  parameters and a compliance of parameters myself.