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Monday, May 12, 2014

How to restrict an access for users for creating of new process applications

The disclaimer: This solution was not checked from all points of view, but I did not notice any problems with it. I will be glade to any remarks.

By default, all Process Designer users can create new process appplications and toolkits.
But sometimes we need to restrict this. IBM BPM hasn't such possibility at first glance.
Try to solve it.

1. Create a new group for users who cannot create new process applications, for example - tw_editonly.
2. Now create a new user for checking our solution (let’s its name will be UserEO).
3. Add UserEO in tw_editonly group. Add UserEO in tw_allusers group too. It’s a good way.
4. Open our Process Center as admin and add our group in Admin tab. Now our group has repository access.

5. Give the group an access to some process application. Use Hiring Sample for this. Our groups must have access for writing, for example.

6. Now try to check our access. Run Process Designer under our user account.
The failure – we can edit our application but we also can create new ones!

7. And now go to TWSYS toolkit properties and remove our tw_editonly group.

8. Run our PD again.

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