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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"syntax error at line 6: `binDir=$' unexpected" during creating of ODM clustered environment

I've created ODM 8 clustered environment using this command (on Solaris OS):

-bash-3.2$ /ibm/odm80/profiles/DManagerODM/bin/ -dmgrAdminUsername wasadmin -dmgrAdminPassword password-clusterPropertiesFile /ibm/odm80/profiles/DManagerODM/bin/rules/ -dmgrHostName dmanager -dmgrPort 8882 -targetNodeName ODMCellNode01

and get this error:

/ibm/odm80/profiles/DManagerODM/bin/ syntax error at line 6: `binDir=#39; unexpected

Monday, May 12, 2014

How to restrict an access for users for creating of new process applications

The disclaimer: This solution was not checked from all points of view, but I did not notice any problems with it. I will be glade to any remarks.

By default, all Process Designer users can create new process appplications and toolkits.
But sometimes we need to restrict this. IBM BPM hasn't such possibility at first glance.
Try to solve it.