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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to change WAS profile name

I don't know where it can be used :) but for any case.

I have (for example) an WAS instance and some profiles in it and I want to change ProcCtr01 profile name to PCenter.


C:\IBM\BPM801\bin>manageprofiles.bat -listProfiles
[AppSrv01, AFUWeb, AFUInfoCenter, ProcCtr01]


1. Open the file <WAS_ROOT>/properties/profileRegistry.xml
2. Change the necessary string
<profile isAReservationTicket="false" isDefault="false" name="ProcCtr01PCenter" path="C:\IBM\BPM801\profiles\ProcCtr01" template="C:\IBM\BPM801\profileTemplates\default">
and save.
3. Rename the file <WAS_ROOT>/properties/fsdb/<YourOldProfileName>.bat to <YourNewProfileName>.bat  


C:\IBM\BPM801\bin>manageprofiles.bat -listProfiles
[AppSrv01, AFUWeb, AFUInfoCenter, PCenter]

Certainly if you want to change the path of the profile too (C:\IBM\BPM801\profiles\PCenter, for example) you will have to change all files in the instance folder what contain this path.
I think it is about 20-30 files depending on your profile (not saying about logs, temp files and so on - you can ignore them) and it won't be a difficult task for you :)


  1. Hi Vladlen Litvinov,
    u r blog is very help full for beginners in BPM like me
    i have one question about BPM v8.5 not related to this topic, but i dont know where to ask so im posting here

    my question is how to deploy Sample app "ESBStockQuoteSample" on 8.5 Cluster environment
    i installed BPM8.5 Advanced version,in 8.5 we can not deploy .ear file directly into WAS by doing like that it is throwing some errors, can u help me on this