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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The password of database user expired and you don't have an access in BPM. What to do?

At first some theory.
A standalone BPM environment (7.5-8.0) uses a database-base internal repository (DBR) for storing of accounts by default. If your database is down you cannot enter into BPM.
A clustered BPM environment does not use DBR by default, it uses WebSphere file-based user repository (FBR). A standalone environment contains FBR too, but it is not active.

I had this problem when I started to use Oracle DB as BPM database. Default user profile in Oracle has two settings: a password will be expired after 120 days and the user account will be locked 7 days after password expiration. So, if you use Oracle you must change these setting to UNLIMITED at once.
But others databases have analogical problems too.

What do do in these case: