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Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to deactivate a Predefined App from Process Admin Console

During its installation BPM installs his standard process applications
In many cases users want to deactivate them but it is impossible because these PAs have status Default.
For deactivating you must set them as No-Default.

It's very simply but you must be careful because you need edit the table of BPM database.


1. Don't stop your server. Open BPMDB database using some client - SQLDev, DB2CC etc

2. Open the table LSW_SNAPSHOT

3. Find the string of your snapshot. You can find it by the name and the acronym.

4. Find the column IS_DEFAULT in this string.

5. It is T (true). You must change it to F (false).

6. Commit the change.

7. After refreshing you will see that your snapshot is not Default.

8. That's all. You can deactivate it.

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