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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to change of properties of connections pools in ODM 8

During rules execution, ODM uses different connections pools.

You can see in SystemOut.log:

[8/28/13 15:35:44:066 MSK] 00000049               I   Initializes connection pool
[8/28/13 15:35:44:067 MSK] 00000049               I   Pool properties: {pool.maxSize=10, pool.waitTimeout=-1}
[8/28/13 15:35:44:067 MSK] 00000049               I   The wait timeout of the pool is set to -1

By default, pool.maxSize equals 10 in these pools.

How to change them?

Open ISC and go to

J2C connection factories > XU_CF > Custom properties
There are three properties:
  • defaultConnectionManagerProperties  
  • documentBuilderPoolProperties  
  • transformerPoolProperties 
They are empty by default. It means the parameters are pool.maxSize=10,pool.waitTimeout=-1

pool.waitTimeout= -1 - no timeout
pool.waitTimeout= 0 - infinite timeout
pool.waitTimeout= <timeout in ms>
I set in the all cases pool.maxSize=20,pool.waitTimeout=-1 and restarted the server.
After that, the log said:

[8/28/13 15:47:45:057 MSK] 00000049 I Initializes connection pool
[8/28/13 15:47:45:058 MSK] 00000049 I Pool properties: {pool.maxSize=20, pool.waitTimeout=-1}
[8/28/13 15:47:45:058 MSK] 00000049 I The wait timeout of the pool is set to -1

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