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Friday, June 28, 2013

Using BPM Human Services on IBM WebSphere Portal

IBM BPM 8 permits to use Human Services as portlets on IBM WebSphere Portal.

I have spent recently some time for learning this question because our last project will be use this feature.
I mean that your environments were installed and configured correctly, SSO exists between BPM and WS Portal.

How-to (quick path):

1. Create some Human Service (I created the Human Service for counting the square of a number) using Process Designer.
2. Expose it for some participants (Overview Tab).
3. Under "Expose to.." another one options exists: Expose As (change it to "Dashboard").

4. Create a new snapshot.
5. Click the hyperlink "Create a Portlet from the Dashboard" and enter the portlet's name, path etc and press "Finish".
6. Now you have *.war file which contains your Human Service as portlet.

7. Pass to WS portal and do as was written in Information Center:
  • Log into the portal site using an ID with sufficient access rights to install a portlet.
  • Under Portlet Management in the navigation tree, click Web Modules. Alternatively in the Product Links portlet you can choose Administration > Portlet Management > Web Modules.
  • Click Install.
  • Enter the location of the WAR file or click Browse to find the location of the file to install.
  • Verify WAR file info and click Finish to install the WAR file.

  • Now add your new portlet to page. Check it:

    5 squared equals 25

    It works!

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