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Monday, May 20, 2013

How to use userPrincipalName (UPN) for logging to BPM

I have worked with one BPM environment recently.
There is the LDAP repository (GC mode) in it and several domains are included.

In the different domains a lot of users with the same accounts names existed.
So I could not use short user name (samAccountName) as login.

We decided to use UPN (aka username@domain) for login.

For changing you need find wimconfig.xml and change
<config:attributes name="samAccountName" propertyName="uid"> <config:entityTypes>PersonAccount</config:entityTypes>

<config:attributes name="userPrincipalName" propertyName="uid"> <config:entityTypes>PersonAccount </config:entityTypes>

Save and restart.
If you use ND - restart Deploy Manager too. 

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