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Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to use one IHS for several WAS installations

Sometimes you need to use only HTTP server (aka IHS) for several WAS instances (BPM and ODM for example).
How to do this?

1. Install your BPM environment, IHS and tune them as usually. Generate, propagate IHS plugin and check the visibility of your applications on the front-end.

2. Install another environment (ODM), install another instance of IHS (you can use the same plugin installation but another folder for config) and tune them as previous. Sure, their front ports mustn't be the same.

3. Take two plugin-cfg.xml files, rename them (plugin-cfgODM.xml plugin-cfgBPM.xml), transfer to WAS and use the command:

./ plugin-cfgODM.xml plugin-cfgBPM.xml plugin-cfg.xml

where plugin-cfg.xml - the result config file.

4. Replace plugin-cfg.xml for the first environment by new one and restart IHS. You will be able to use applications of two instances through one IHS.

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