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Friday, January 25, 2013

How to change a standard teamworks message?

Example, you want to change this message:

The task you tried to start is owned by another user. Press the "Close" button to close this screen and return to the task list.

This message is being contained in the application teamworks.war

Surely, you can take the language pack file from <BPM Root Folder>/BPM/Lombardi/language-packs, extract it, find the necessary file, change it, pack the language pack in the file back and install it using bootstrapProcessServerData script.

But you can do it more simply.

Use the folder of the application what has already deployed.

<BPM Root Folder>/profiles/ProcCtr01/installedApps/<YourServer>Node01Cell/IBM_BPM_Teamworks_<YourServer>Node01_server1.ear/teamworks.war/WEB-INF/classes/com/lombardisoftware/server/core

There are several files named ProcessAdminMessages_<lng>.properties in this folder.
Backup originals, edit the necessary files, save them and restart the server.
If you want to change English messages - no problem.
Another languages' files use Unicode and you have to use some Unicode converter.

Also, don't forget to backup your custom files before an update of your BPM server. 

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