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Friday, December 21, 2012

The 'TWSecurityProviderUsers' entity was not found.

After deployment of BPM clustered environment there are a lot of messages with this error in logs: CWWIM4001E The 'TWSecurityProviderUsers' entity was not found.

At first, BPM clustered environment uses a default file-based user registry.
You need to enable both the file user registry and the process database user registry at your environment.

1. Stop all node agents and servers previously.


3. Execute:

./ -conntype none -f <WAS_DM_INSTALL_ROOT>/BPM/base/profile/actions/scripts/ -adminUserName <username> -adminPassword <userpassword> -nodeName <nodename*> -serverName <servername**>

* The name of one of the managed nodes (not DM!)

** The name of the APPTarget server on this node.

Do it only once per deployment manager, synchronize all nodes and restart the environment and DM after this action!

! But if you don't want to use BPM internal security provider - simply create the group TWSecurityProviderUsers using WAS ISC: Users and Groups > Manage Groups.
After that, resynchronize all nodes and restart the environment.