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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Groundhog Day: CWSIT0088E: There are currently no messaging engines

Again and again:

javax.jms.JMSException: CWSIA0241E: An exception was received during the call to the method JmsManagedConnectionFactoryImpl.createConnection: CWSIT0008E: A successful connection was made to the bootstrap server at yourserver:7278:BootstrapBasicMessaging but the server returned an error condition: CWSIT0088E: There are currently no messaging engines in bus PROCSVR.yourserverNode03Cell.Bus running. Additional failure information: CWSIT0103E: No messaging engine was found that matched the following parameters: bus=PROCSVR.yourserverNode03Cell.Bus, targetGroup=null, targetType=BusMember, targetSignificance=Preferred, transportChain=InboundSecureMessaging, proximity=Bus..

If this issue appeared on non-production environment, use this solution:
1. Stop BPM server.
2. Delete all tables which names started SIB (tables for messages store) in appropriate DB.
In this case - BPMDB (Process Server DB). Don't forget to backup it before.
3. Start BPM server.


  1. Could you please tell us the reason/cause of this error message and idea behind the soluction, to be precise..would like to the background briefly. thank you

  2. This error appears usually after incorrect down of message engine (for example, after power down).
    The message store contains inconsistent information and ME cannot start.
    So you need re-initialize your message store for solving the problem.

  3. Hi All,

    I am getting the following error while starting BPM. Does anyone have a clue on this?

    [5/23/17 11:06:56:462 CEST] 0000016a JMSClassifica W XJMS0021E: Unable to map destination and bus to workclass. Aborting the xd classification filter for the current request. Request context information is
    [5/23/17 11:07:33:782 CEST] 0000013e wle E CWLLG2229E: An exception occurred in an EJB call. Error: null

    Satheesh P R

    1. Hello,
      you can ignore the first message, it does not matter.
      About hte second one - there are many variants and there is a lack of information for making some conclusions. Google gives enough answers, try to read them.