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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Deploying snapshots to an offline clustered Process Server

There are a lot of articles about deploying to PS for standalone environments.

But I couldn't find the same for clustered environments.
Also IBM writes that old way (install, retrieve, import) was deprecated.
I had to pass along this way myself.



bpm-dev-dmgr - hostname of Deployment Manager server of Process Center
bpm-dev-pc-1 - hostname of one of managed nodes server of Process Center

bpm-tst-dmgr - hostname of Deployment Manager server of Process Server
bpm-tst-ps-1- hostname of one of managed nodes server of Process Server

admin:admin - bpm admin user:password
Main - The process application branch acronym.
PAPP - The process application acronym.
2.1 - The process application snapshot acronym.
8880 - SOAP port for managed nodes server

I mean that the offline Process Server (bpm-tst-ps-1) was added to your Process Center console.

Step 1. Installing.

Connect to bpm-dev-dmgr ssh console and enter:

./ -conntype SOAP -port 8880 -host bpm-dev-pc-1 -user admin -password admin

(You must connect to a managed node of PC, not to DM!)

$AdminTask BPMCreateOfflinePackage {-containerAcronym PAPP -containerSnapshotAcronym 2.1 -containerTrackAcronym Main -serverName bpm-tst-ps-1}

Step 2. Extracting.

$AdminTask BPMExtractOfflinePackage {-containerAcronym PAPP -containerSnapshotAcronym 2.1 -containerTrackAcronym Main -serverName bpm-tst-ps-1 -outputFile  /ibm/}

Step 3. Importing.

Transfer the file to PS node server.
Connect to bpm-tst-dmgr ssh console and enter:

./ -conntype SOAP -port 8880 -host bpm-tst-ps-1 -user admin -password admin

(You must connect to a managed node of PS, not to DM!)

$AdminTask BPMInstallOfflinePackage {-inputFile /ibm/}

By the way, I got several errors of SOAP timeout during Step 3.
For their solving you need to increase this timeout in <DM_profile_folder>/properties/soap.client.props (and more)

By default it is 180 sec.


  1. Once the snapshot is created using BPMCreateOfflinePackage, I am not able to create again for the same snapshot. I believe Process center keeps a copy somewhere in its installation path. Could you please advise where that file would be originally created by websphere when we issue BPMCreateOfflinePackage?

  2. The 1st step (BPMCreateOfflinePackage) does not create any files.
    It do the same as you select a snapshot in Process Center, click "Install" and select some off-line Process Server. After that you see the notice that this snapshot was installed to PS.

    Then you need to execute BPMExtractOfflinePackage. The package file will be created in the folder on the server you pointed.

    No any reason to execute BPMCreateOfflinePackage several times.

    Any questions?

  3. Hi Every Body,

    please try this scripts, it is very easy to execute offline deployement.

    please send me mail

    i will send you scripts :)

  4. please provide the interactive shell scripts for Deploying snapshots to an offline clustered Process Server.

    1. Hi Mohan,

  5. If we deploy in one of the nodes in a cluster, will it get automatically distributed to other nodes?. Please help

  6. Hi,

    I have created process application with a simple BPD in which there is one coach (Human Task) from Process Designer and created a snapshot as well. Now I want to deploy it into the Process Server (in another machine) not a Process Center Server i.e. installed locally. Now my question is if I successfully deploy it by given the steps above. then where I can access the Human Task (Coach) within Process Server ? Which URL will provide the Human task ? As I can see in the Process Portal of Process Server there is no Coach available. How can I access it?


    1. When you create your BPD - you must set the option "Expose to start" (Overview tab).
      You must set the team which can start this BPD as process instance.
      This team will be a part of your Process Application.
      So after deploying your PA on remote Process Server you will be able to add your existing groups or users from PS to the team. Then you will be able to see the link for running the BPD on Process Portal.
      Or the simpliest way - set "Expose to Start" for All Users team.

    2. Thank Vladlen it worked for me :)