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Monday, December 5, 2016

Moving IBM BPM Document Store into a separate DB schema

The task – move IBM BPM Document Store into a separate DB schema. This problem has two solutions:

1.    You can create properties file for the command BPMConfig and use it. But, if the environment has already been created, we cannot use BPMConfig because it does not permit to change all the parameters of Deployment Environment. We need to delete our Deployment Environment before.
2.     If you have already installed a new Deployment Environment, you can use this solution.

The disclaimer:
The solution is not recommended by IBM, it is hack and any actions you make on own risk!
The solution does not move the content of IBM BPM Document Store, it only creates a new one in the separate schema.

I prepared this solution for Oracle DB, but, I think, it can be used with some changes for other RDBMS.