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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Incorrect time in logs of Content Collector for SAP after changing of timezone

In our Filenet ECM system we use Content Collector for SAP.
After changing time in October 2014 (in our case - Russia, Moscow, UTC+3) we patched all of Java jre in our environments using IBM jtzu patch. After that WAS shows correct time in the logs but Content Collector - does not. In spite of update it shows old time (UTC+4).
What to do?

The solution is simple. You need set the correct time zone in Content Collector JVM settings explicitly.

1. Stop your Content Collector environment.
2. Add or edit the string in archint.ini using correct timezone

JAVA_OPTIONS -Duser.timezone=Europe/Moscow

3. Repeat second step for every Content collector server.
4. Start Content Collector.

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