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Friday, October 24, 2014

IBM BPM 8.5.5. It's impossible to create users using ProcessAdmin console (Part 1)

You attempt to create user using ProcessAdmin console in 8.5.5.
You enter correct name and password but nothing.

As I've already written the security system in this version was changed.
Now, all the internal users are stored in WAS. Also BPM 8.5.5 always (almost) uses WAS ND and namely its Deployment Manager is responsible for creating new users.

So for solving this problem check at first: 

1. Does Deployment Manager run?
2. Does Node Agent run? 
3. Are there messages like this in SystemOut.log (for managed node):

E createSSLSocket WebContainer : 7 JSSL0130E: Signals that an I/O exception of some sort has occurred.  Reason:  Read timed out Remote Host:  Remote Port: 9407 Read timed out

It means that your managed node cannot connect to DM for managing users.
The solution is clear: start or restart DM or (and) NA

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