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Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to look at the settings of Process Center in 8.5 Express Process Server standalone

There is some information about looking and changing these settings here.
But it is for clustered environment.

For standalone we use:

<PS profile folder>/bin/ -conntype NONE -lang jython -profileName ProcSrv01

wsadmin>ps=AdminConfig.getid("/Server:server1/BPMServerConfigExtension: BPMProcessServer:/"),

where server1 - the name of our WAS server (not hostname!)



[heartBeatInterval 10]
[processCenterUrl http://server:9082/ProcessCenter]

In our file system, these settings stored in <PS profile folder>/config/cells/PSCellExp/nodes/Node1/servers/server1/server-bpm.xml.
It is a great contrast to the old versions from WLE till BPM 8.

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