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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The message "The repository contact failed" on an offline Process Server

An offline Process Server can write this error in its log:

[7/4/13 11:27:03:297 MSK] 0000001d wle_servlet   W   CWLLG0095W: The repository contact failed with a status of: 500

It means that the Process Server attempts to connect to Process Center but last is not available.

On online mode, Process Server synchronizes with Process Center periodically.
This period can be tuned in the file 99Local.xml

Open the file 99Local and find the string


10 - the periodicity of synchronization (aka heartbeat) in sec.

You can change this number to -1 (don't request the Process Center) and restart BPM standalone server. On clustered environment you have to make the full resynchronization of all nodes and restart AppTarget cluster. 


NB! Using of 100Custom.xml file for changing your BPM configuration will be the best solution.

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